Costs Of Air Purifiers

Costs Of Air Purifiers

Air purification has rapidly become a multi-billion dollar industry. Three distinct types, each with many variations, are promising to return the new air of Eden into your home. How do you choose one for you and your particular environment? Read, read, read.

To understand how to choose an energy friendly air purifier model, it helps to understand how your model works. Most air purifiers run on electricity, some use filters, and if the air purifier breaks down, you will need replacement parts. Over time, these costs can add up. It’s good to think of all of these considerations before you make your final selection.


As an example, let’s take the Oreck Air Purifier system. Initially, the Oreck Air Purifier system sounds expensive. At almost $400, these air purifiers are expensive, but a closer look offers something new. The filter is guaranteed for twelve years. That means twelve years of never buying a replacement air purifier filter. If your filter fails, they replace it for free. This can add up to an incredible savings.


Now you must consider the energy used by this air purifier system. The air purifiers turn on and off once an hour, so that feature assures your electricity will not constantly be running. Does this mean the Oreck Air Purifier is the best system out there? Not necessarily.

Comparison Shopping

The market is loaded with air purifiers. You can literally spend hours comparing brands, features and offers. This is why researching the air purifier brand is important before you make your selection. No one wants to spend a bundle and then find the fees necessary to maintain the air purifier are absurdly high. Your money is hard earned. Don’t give it all away to the latest fad air purifiers. Go online, research air purifiers, and see what others have to say.

Face it. The manufacturers want to rope you in with special deals. They just want the sale. Other users will share their opinions and experiences online. You can find out which air purifiers really get the job done. You can read and judge which air purifiers cost the most to operate and which air purifiers cost the least.

A Touch of Real Life

You have seen the ads, but you don’t see the after effects. You see, Mary asked her father to buy an air purifier system for her family at Christmas. Her father loved getting a bargain, so he went for the best deal. After one weeks’ use, the air purifier was not working as effectively. Mary found the filter was disgusting and had to replace it. The air purifier system her father bought came with two free filters. You would think that was a good deal-so did he.

When that new air purifier filter was also disgusting a week later, you can guess what happened. Mary returned to the store to stock up on air purifier filters. She found the replacement filter – and discovered that the air purifiers’ filters cost $30 each. You do the math. Mary was spending $120 on filters every month. The air purifier ended up in the garbage. Do not fall for a gimmick like Mary did! You have the power and the knowledge, now go put it to good use!

Mary and her father learned the hard way. You can do it right.

Levels of contaminants in the air increase every year both inside and outside the home. Every year more people who have been taking breathing for granted seem to want to breathe something a little less toxic. An air purifier eases your breathing and your mind.

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