Air Purifier Brands – Which One is The Best?

Air Purifier Brands – Which One is The Best?

When it comes to air purifier brands which one is the best? That is a good question but it is impossible to just name one brand and say that this one particular brand is the best. What we can do is give you a list of some of the better brands available and also give you some tips on choosing the best air purifier for your needs.

Some of the Best Brands to Choose from

The best air purifier brands are going to be the brands put out by companies that specialize in making air purifiers. That may sound obvious but there are a lot of air purifiers on the market from companies that make a full range of home appliances and generally speaking, a company that specializes in air purifiers will be better at making them. Some of the top companies that specialize in air purifiers include IQAir, Blueair, Austin Air, Surround Air, AllerAir, and Plasmawave.

There are companies that make a wide range of household appliances that do make good quality air purifiers though. Companies like Hamilton Beach, Honeywell, Orek and Hoover make some very good quality air purifiers.

How to Find the Best Air Purifier in Your Price Range

If you want to find the absolute best air purifier on the market that has all of the various features anyone could ever ask for you have to be prepared to spend some money. High-end air purifiers can cost in the neighborhood of $2500. However, there are also some very good quality units in the $200 to $400 price range and there are even some decent quality units on the lower end of the price range coming in at under $100.

One way to start your search for the best air purifier would be to look at ratings from companies like Consumer Reports. They put air purifiers through a number of tests and report their findings and this information can be very helpful to anyone looking for a good air purifier. One of the best ways to find a great air purifier at an affordable price would be to look at customer reviews for a number of different machines.

You can decide what your budget is and then look for machines in that price range. After that, read reviews from people that have purchased the machines you are considering and you will be able to find out what other people like or dislike about a particular machine. Does it do a good job of cleaning the air? Is it too loud? How much are the replacement filters? You can get answers to questions like these and many others by spending a little bit of time researching user reviews.

The brands we mentioned above are some of the best ones available but there are a lot of brands to choose from and every manufacturer has a number of different models that they make. Take the time to research customer reviews and you will greatly increase your chances of getting a good deal on a quality machine.

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